"With very beautiful, rounded and technically good guided voice of soprano Nela Saric, the main protagonists all elicited applause of delight after their arias."

Zdenka Weber, Vjesnik, 2011

"Dose of lyricism within the pretty rough plot gave soprano Nela Šarić, whose Micaela was gentle and very touching, and vocally on a very high level."

Marija Saraga, Jutarnji list 2011

"Soprano Nela Saric in the role of Musetta took advantage of her interventions to show herself as a great opera singer, and not only by her voice, but also by her dominance of the stage."

Eduardo Vinuela, La Nueva Espana

"Another fully formed singer is the soprano Nela Saric, who plays an attractive Musetta. Absolute and exquisite protagonist of the difficult scene of the waltz that imposed clarity in front of the tumult. Very natural voice of lyric soprano, with ease in the top notes and a good theatrical presence."

Ramon Avello, El Comercio

"The stage is taken over, actually won, by soprano Nela Šarić, who sang several songs. Nela in those few magical musical minutes, at least briefly, took the audience of Zadar's theater on a magical journey over the rainbow. The young soprano is a jewel of the Zadar music scene, but until when we cannot tell as she has recently been on two prestigious international auditions, so her voice could soon be just as well to arouse emotions of foreign audiences."

Krešimir Bukvić, Zadarski list 2015

"The owner of, as many people say, the most beautiful voice in Zadar, delighted the audience with her interpretation, who rewarded her with a loud applause after each piece. Demonstrating her well trained voice, but also the strength of her angelic voice, she elicited not only the applause, but also tears."

Krešimir Bukvić, Zadarski list 2015

" Nela Šarić took the audience to a magical journey over the rainbow"

Krešimir Bukvić, Zadarski list 2015

"The singer of a glorious, movable wide range voice, equal in all the registers, with which she rules sovereignly in each of the above mentioned singing genres - that is incompatible with her young age. "

Svjetlana Hribar, Novi list, 2017